Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent - Victor Hugo

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to pass on one’s experience to a younger generation.

To me, the sound of the horn is different than other instruments - to me it is magic.


The Dutch hornist Ab Koster is Professor for Horn at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg and is active not only as an international soloist but also gives masterclasses regularly in many countries around the world.

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Ab Koster holds a professorship on the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg since he left the NDR Symphony Orchestra in 1990. More than 50 students from his horn studio have won positions over the years in Germany and around the world. In the future, private lessons from Ab Koster will be possible per Web Cam from this site as well.


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  • „Mann könnte zum Fan der Horn-Musik werden, wenn man dem niederländischen Virtuosen lauscht. Ab Koster dient als Vorbild für perfekte Intonation, für Delikatesse im Detail, für virtuosen Glanz und schattierte Klänge, dass eigentlich alle Schüler dieses Instruments ihn als Pflicht erleben sollten.“

    Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung
  • “To my dear friend, Ab Koster, in sincere admiration for one of the world’s truly great horn players. Cordially, Phil Farkas”

    Philip Farkas
  • „Schon die große fanfarengleiche Solopassage Ab Kosters zu Beginn des „Konzerts für Horn und Orchester Nr.2“ von Richard Strauss verriet den Hornisten par excellence. Als Mozart- und Strauss-Interpret gehört er inzwischen zur weltweit gefragten Elite der Hornisten“

    Recklinghauser Zeitung
  • „Seldom is the horn heard with such ease and assurance as when Koster pours out his rich brew, covering the full range of the instrument including uncommonly growling bass notes.”

    Brisbane Metropolitan Australia
  • „Ab Koster freilich, dem niederländischen Super-Hornisten, der sein Instrument schlicht wie eine verlängerte Gesangsröhre handhabt, konnte niemand das Wasser reichen. Vergessen macht er die gewaltigenTücken des Naturhorns: Perfekt sein Ansatz, makellos seine Technik, gerundet sein Ton.“

    NRZ, Essen Deutschland Naturhornfestival
  • „D’Ab Koster nous serions tenté de dire qu’il es tun modèle, un chef de file auquel on se référera longtemps. Ce corniste joue avec une infinie variété de couleurs, ses phrasés sont souples, sa sonorité charmeuse, son legato est parfait. Débarrassé de tout problème d’intendance, il chante comme un baryton soucieux de produire de beaux sons.”

    Le Monde Paris
  • “Koster plays the difficult horn parts with a freedom of expression and technical ease that make you lick your lips while tapping your toe.”

    Oakland Tribune, USA
  • “Ab Koster nous offrit un magnifique Quatrième Concerto de Mozart, précis, tender et habilement volubile.”

    Le Figaro Paris


12-13 November, 2016
Munich, Germany. Koetsier Competition.

24-31 October, 2016
China. Shanghai and Beijing. Masterclass and concert.

9. September, 2016
Mürzzuschlag, Austria. Brahms Trio on natural horn with Markus Wolf and Julian Riem.

20. July, 2016
Vlieland, Netherlands. Brahms Horn Trio.

12-18 June, 2016
Canada. Masterclass for Domaine Forget in Charlevoix near Quebec.

2-5 June, 2016
Oberschützen, Austria. Masterclass and concert.

23-30 May, 2016
Hambacher Music Festival.

19-22 May, 2016
Hamburg/Hannover. NDR. 4 Gesänge von Brahms for Women’s Choir, 2 Horns, and Harp. 21st May in Hamburg. 22nd May in Hannover.

7. February, 2016
Glücksburg. Mozart Horn Concerto Nr. 3

29. January, 2016
Hamburg, Germany. Recital for Horn and Piano. Christuskirche, Wandsbek.

21 and 22 January, 2016
Berlin, Germany. Natural horn classes at Hans Eisler conservatory.

13. December, 2015
Concert at the Musik Hochschule Lübeck at 11 a.m. and at the Haus Sasel in Hamburg at 6 p.m.
Program: Beethoven Horn Sonata on Natural Horn.

11-12 December, 2015
Masterclass for Natural Horn at the Musik Hochschule of Lübeck.

23 and 24 November, 2015
Groningen. Masterclass at the Prins Claus Conservatory.

14-27 September, 2015
Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg Summer School of Music. Chamber music.

29. August, 2015
Schwarzenberg, Austria. Auf dem Strom with Daniel Behle.

11-16 August, 2015
Jeju Island, South Korea. Jury Brass competition. Mozart 2nd Horn Concerto and Schumann’s Konzertstück.

2-7. August, 2015
Los Angeles, USA. Guest at the IHS Horn Symposium.

1. April, 2015
Sylt, Germany. Horn, Trompet and Organ concert. Haydn Double Concerto with Tillmann.

2./3. March, 2015
Groningen, Holland. Masterclasses.

27. January, 2015
Hamburg. Solokonzert with the Hamburger Symphoniker. Program: Mozart 4 Horn Concerto. Conductor: Windfuhr


Concert dates, concert requests, personal contact, and more information are available upon contacting me directly.


For a private lesson on the internet with Ab Koster, please visit the website for Estaccato at