Ab Koster holds a professorship on the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg since he left the NDR Symphony Orchestra in 1990. More than 50 students from his horn studio have won positions over the years in Germany and around the world.
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Since September 1998, Ab Koster is also a permanent guest lecturer at the King’s Institute for Music in the Hague, Holland.

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In total, graduates from the Hamburg horn studio have won well of 60 positions in orchestras around the world. Students who have won a job in the past year:

– Tomás Figueiredo won a position as an academist at the Festival Orchestra of Lucerne, Switzerland
– Hanna Warrink won a year-long contract at the Flensburg State Theater
– Isaac Shaw won a year-long contract at the Neubrandenburg Philharmonic
– Beyonghun Kim won a permanent contract as principal hornist at the Rostock Theater
– Mia Aselmeyer passed her trial period and received a permanent contract for the Munich Philharmonic
– Seonkyeong Yu won third prize in the international horn competition in Jeju, South Korea